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  • High Speed Automatic Paper Punching MachineThe high speed automatic paper punching machine offers many advantages, like novel design, easy operation, simple maintenance and wide applicability. In addition, it has high efficiency, which can punch 140,000 pieces of 70 g paper per hour.
    The automatic paper punching machine is mainly used for wire bound products. It adopts motor variable frequency drive technology. The machine can work stably and smoothly due to continuous paper feeding.
  • Calendar Punching MachineThe calendar punching machine can realize punching of round hole, square hole and other special shaped hole by replacing different molds according to the different needs. It is widely used in calendar factory, printing factory, book factory and other plants.
  • Calendar Wire Pressing Binding MachineThe calendar wire pressing binding machine is a kind of simple and practical machine mainly used for wire pressing and binding of desk calendar, wall calendar and other products.
  • Calendar and Notebook Double Wire Binding MachineThe calendar and notebook double wire binding machine adopts Siemens PLC and touch screen control, which is simple to operate. It accommodates wires from 1/4'' to 3/4'' and can complete the wire binding of 20 books per minute.
  • Book Casing-in MachineThe book casing-in machine is suitable for account books, yearbooks, children's books, albums, ordinary hardback books, etc. It is a semi automatic machine, which helps small and medium sized book factories to improve product qualification rate and reduce the time, manpower in the production of hardcover books. In addition, the machine can not only overcome the problem of uneven glue, but also can enhance the speed of gluing.
  • Hardcover Pressing and Creasing MachineThe hardcover pressing and creasing machine can easily and efficiently complete the pressing and creasing operations. During the book casing-in process, it only needs one person to operate. The machine can accommodate hardcover of various specifications, and simple adjustment is required for convenient changing of specification.

As a China-based calendar, notebook making machine manufacturer and supplier, XINWEI MACHINERY also offers hardcover pressing machine, manual feeding paper gluing machine, high speed automatic paper punching machine, book packing machine, among others.

Other Products
  • High Speed Automatic Book Case Making Machine (Automatic Cardboard Lever Control System) The QFM460B high speed automatic book case making machine is designed and built to meet customers' requirements for high quality, efficiency and good performance. It comes with an automatic paper feeder that combines vacuum suction sheet separation and computer controlled vacuum blower wheel paper delivery. In addition, the machine is equipped with Omron PLC device, touch screen HMI, photoelectric switch, automatic deviation correction device, and several AC servo motors.
  • High Speed Automatic Book Case Making MachineThe automatic book case making machine comes with an automatic paper feeder that adopts push back paper feeding structure. The feeder is controlled pneumatically and is simple in structure. The scratch problem is solved by using suction cup manipulator which sends the products to vacuum conveyer belt. Beneath the belt, a high power draught fan is used to ensure the stability of feeding process. In addition, imported ultrasonic double sheet detection device ensures only one sheet is fed each time.