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Founded in 2002, Zhejiang Xinwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is an experienced book case making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a very comprehensive range of products, including the automatic book case making machine, rigid box making machine, semi automatic hard cover making machine, exercise book binding stitching machine, calendar, and notebook making machine. Our company is ISO9001:2008 approved and all of our products are CE certified.

Since the foundation of our company, we have consistently incorporated technological innovation into our high quality products so that we may better serve our clients. We have received numerous patents and are recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Xinwei machinery respects customer feedback. By utilizing premium raw materials and high performance processing equipment, we have significantly improved our paper gluing machine, rigid box pressing machine, and corner cutting machine to meet client expectations.

In order to facilitate our growth in today's fiercely competitive market, we not only provide clients with high quality products, but also offer them attentive services. Our available services include free technical consultations, a one-year product warranty, as well as parts replacement and OEM services. In addition, we can fully customize our production line to accommodate the actual production scale and help clients improve efficiency while reducing costs. Our rigid box making machine, gift box notching machine, and other products are exported to the United States, England, France, Turkey, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Dubai, and Thailand, among other countries and regions.

In 2002, general manager Xue Dihu created Ruian Tianyu Machinery Co., Ltd. and successfully developed the semi automatic gift box making machine.
In 2003, the company successfully produced the semi automatic book cover making machine.
In 2005, the company paid more attention to quality and initiated batch production.
In January 2007, Tianyu Machinery started production of the automatic book cover making machine and successfully exported semi automatic machines to the global market.
In December 2009, the company developed the second generation of automatic book cover making machine. This contraption received very favorable feedback from both domestic and overseas clients due to its high quality and stable performance.
In 2010, the company officially changed its name to Zhejiang Xinwei Machinery Co., Ltd.
In 2011, we produced the high speed folder making machine, and consolidated our leading position in domestic machinery field.

Main Products
  • High Speed Automatic Book Case Making MachineThe automatic book case making machine comes with an automatic paper feeder that adopts push back paper feeding structure. The feeder is controlled pneumatically and is simple in structure. The scratch problem is solved by using suction cup manipulator which sends the products to vacuum conveyer belt. Beneath the belt, a high power draught fan is used to ensure the stability of feeding process.
  • Automatic Book Cover Making and Lining MachineThe QNB-460/600 automatic book cover making and lining machine uses automatic paper feeder, which adopts push back paper feeding structure and is servo and pneumatically controlled. Cardboard positioning machine with automatic error correction function is utilized. Equipped with auto gluing machine and folding machine, the equipment can provide high quality products with high efficiency.