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(1) We provide one-year quality warranty and free technical support. Our dedicated technicians will help customers to solve problems through E-mail, telephone, etc.

(2) Within the warranty period, if the wearing parts are damaged due to quality problem, we will free deliver replacement parts to customers within one week.

(3) To help customers to improve efficiency and reduce cost, we can customize production line according to the actual scale of production.

(4) We supply OEM service.

Main Products
  • Semi Automatic Book Case Making Machine (Feeding Paper by Feeder)The semi automatic book case making machine adopts automatic single sheet feeding and can accommodate paper in various sizes. It uses magnetic suction side board to fasten paper pile, which is flexible and stable. Due to the ball design of conveyor, the paper is fed smoothly and stably without skew. Moreover, the adjustable gluing roller ensures that glue can be uniformly applied to the paper surface.
  • Cardboard Slitting MachineSW-1350 cardboard slitting machine is designed to efficiently and precisely slit heavy book cover paper, cardboard, industrial paperboard and chip board. It is usually used for the production of covers for hardcover books, handout folder cases, color box cases, etc.