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  • Semi Automatic Book Case Making Machine (Feeding Paper by Feeder)The semi automatic book case making machine adopts automatic single sheet feeding and can accommodate paper in various sizes. It uses magnetic suction side board to fasten paper pile, which is flexible and stable. Due to the ball design of conveyor, the paper is fed smoothly and stably without skew. Moreover, the adjustable gluing roller ensures that glue can be uniformly applied to the paper surface. The circular trough, along with temperature control system, can guarantee appropriate viscosity of glue.
  • Semi Automatic Book Case Making Machine (Feeding Paper by Manual)The semi automatic book case making machine adopts manual paper feeding and is fit for various paper sizes. The magnetic suction side board is used for fixing paper pile. The adjustable gluing roller can uniformly apply glue to the paper surface, and the appropriate viscosity of glue is guaranteed due to the circular trough with temperature control system. Due to the ball design of conveyor, the paper feeding is smooth and steady without skew.
  • Automatic Paper Gluing MachineThe automatic paper gluing machine uses full automatic computer control system, and it can set pause position and pause time of paper. The machine adopts single sheet automatic feeding and can accommodate various paper sizes. The induced draft system, accommodate to conveyer belt, levels the paper sheet and conveys it steadily. The ball design of conveyor ensures the paper is smoothly fed without skew. Thanks to the adjustable gluing roller, the glue is uniformly applied to the paper surface.
  • Semi Automatic Paper Gluing MachineThe paper gluing equipment adopts variable frequency control. The stainless steel roller has undergone quenching and tempering as well as aging treatments, so it is wear and deformation resistant. In addition, rubber wheel friction paper feeding ensures high accuracy. What's more, the backflow rubber trough is equipped with indirect heating temperature control system, which can prevent trough from being stuck with glue under low temperature environment.
  • Manual Feeding Paper Gluing MachineThe manual feeding paper gluing machine is usually used in making file box, folder, dress box, shoe box, gift case, and book case, etc. It has high efficiency and wide adaptability. No matter it is hot melt glue, bone glue, hydrogel, rice glue, or latex, the machine can easily handle it. In addition to be used independently, the gluing equipment can also be used in combination with other machines to form various production lines.
  • Automatic Four Side Hardcover Wrapping MachineFirst, send surface paper and bottom paper into folding belt, and fold left and right side, then use bottom roller to bond them. Second, the paper is conveyed to the second layer roller to complete back folding. Third, the paper is sent to the second layer roller again to complete front folding under the effect of gas push baffle. The whole process is automatically carried out, which contributes to the high efficiency of our four side hardcover wrapping machine.
  • Double Side Hardcover Covering MachineThe double side hardcover covering machine is easy to operate and will finish the whole process together with single side folding machine. The conveyer belt will send the cover into folding device, which will fold two sides of surface paper and press them against grey board. The roller will squeeze air out, so the cover can become neat, smooth, and artistic. The size of the cover can be adjusted by hand wheel at will.
  • Single Side Hardcover Folding MachineThe single side hardcover folding machine is featured with easy and fast operation and favorable price, so it is popular among users. The machine is applied to book case cover. The roller will roll back and forth to fold all sides of surface paper and press them against grey board.
    The hardcover folding machine is mainly used in making high quality book case, loose-leaf book, folder, game paper, account book ...
  • Hardcover Pressing MachineThe hardcover pressing machine is mainly used to press book cover as well as inner surface paper. It can quickly remove the residual air on the surface, thus smoothing the product. The machine now is widely used for the production of various book covers, folders, paper for games, account books, desk calendars, diaries, photo albums, and high grade packaging boxes like cigarette cases, wine boxes, phone cases, tea boxes, mooncake boxes, etc.
  • Adjustable Speed Gluing MachineThe adjustable speed gluing machine is designed and manufactured with compact structure, easy operation and high durability in mind. The wearing parts all made by using quality stainless steel material.
    The gluing machine can convey the paper to the gluing roller for automatic gluing. Compared with manual gluing, it offers higher gluing speed and requires lower labor intensity.
  • Adjustable Speed Paper Up Gluing MachineThe TJJ-700A adjustable speed paper up gluing machine is a specialized piece of gluing equipment for packaging and printing, paper boxes, cartons, book covers, and many other fields. It can convey the paper to the gluing roller for automatic gluing, which eliminates manual gluing process and reduces labor intensity. The machine has many advantages, like high efficiency, simple operation, reliable performance, etc. Due to its compact design, it just weighs 200 kg and is easy to remove.
  • Cardboard Slitting MachineSW-1350 cardboard slitting machine is designed to efficiently and precisely slit heavy book cover paper, cardboard, industrial paperboard and chip board. It is usually used for the production of covers for hardcover books, handout folder cases, color box cases, etc.
    The adoption of manual feeding for larger cardboard and automatic feeding for smaller one ensures smooth, stable operation.
  • Book Spine CutterThe book spine cutting machine is aesthetically pleasing and provided with a protective shell, meeting European CE standards.
    It adopts single disc electromagnetic clutch, which works stably and simple to adjust.
    The centralized lubrication system makes maintenance easier.
  • Corner Cutting MachineThe ZD-120 corner cutting machine offers the advantages of compact structure, easy operation and reliable performance. It is suitable for cutting the round corner or straight corner of various notebooks, business cards, books, trademarks and other printed products. The round corner knife needs customization.

XINWEI MACHINERY is a professional semi automatic hardcover making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including manual feeding paper gluing machine, book casing-in machine, exercise book binding stitching machine, and more.

Other Products
  • Rigid Box Corner Pasting MachineThe rigid box corner pasting machine adopts manual carton turning and can accommodate many types of cartons. It uses environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive tape for four corner positioning and forming. The box corners formed are stiff and stable. The machine uses electric single arm pressing device and is equipped with temperature control system. With high efficiency, the machine becomes an essential piece of corner pasting equipment for the manufacturing of boxes.
  • Rigid Box Forming MachineThe rigid box forming machine is mainly used for forming of shirt box, shoe box and other boxes with removable lids. It is equipped with imported vacuum pump which can automatically suck the inner box. The pedal and automatic device are used to control downward pressing operation, and brush is utilized to put paper tidily onto the inner box. The whole process is smoothly and quickly completed.