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Cardboard Slitting Machine

SW-1350 cardboard slitting machine is designed to efficiently and precisely slit heavy book cover paper, cardboard, industrial paperboard and chip board. It is usually used for the production of covers for hardcover books, handout folder cases, color box cases, etc.

1. The cardboard slitting equipment is easy to use. The cutting edge is smooth.
2. The adoption of manual feeding for larger cardboard and automatic feeding for smaller one ensures smooth, stable operation.
3. The gap between rolls is pneumatically adjusted, which is quick and convenient.
4. The machine comes with a CE compliant protective shell for safety.

Technical Parameters
The max. size of cardboard 1200 mm
The thickness of cardboard 1-4 mm
Cutting speed 75 m /min
Motor power 1.5 kW
Machine dimension 1200x2000x1100 mm
Machine weight 1900 kg

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