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  • Exercise Book Stitching and Folding MachineThe exercise book stitching and folding machine is suitable for all kinds of thin books, magazines, brochures and other printing products. It can automatically perform sheet feeding, stitching, folding, and final book collecting operations. Using imported electric devices and PLC system, the machine offers high efficiency, high reliability, and requires low labor intensity.
  • Square Book Back Making MachineThe square book back making machine is suitable for saddle stitched books and side stitched books in various specifications. The square back can make the exercise book more beautiful.

As a China-based exercise book binding stitching machine manufacturer, we also offer exercise book stitching and folding machine, calendar punching machine, automatic paper gluing machine, book protection cover machinery, and more.

Other Products
  • High Speed Automatic Paper Punching MachineThe high speed automatic paper punching machine offers many advantages, like novel design, easy operation, simple maintenance and wide applicability. In addition, it has high efficiency, which can punch 140,000 pieces of 70 g paper per hour.
    The automatic paper punching machine is mainly used for wire bound products. It adopts motor variable frequency drive technology. The machine can work stably and smoothly due to continuous paper feeding.
  • Calendar Punching MachineThe calendar punching machine can realize punching of round hole, square hole and other special shaped hole by replacing different molds according to the different needs. It is widely used in calendar factory, printing factory, book factory and other plants.