Rigid Box Forming Machine

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Rigid Box Forming Machine

The rigid box forming machine is mainly used for forming of shirt box, shoe box and other boxes with removable lids. It is equipped with imported vacuum pump which can automatically suck the inner box. The pedal and automatic device are used to control downward pressing operation, and brush is utilized to put paper tidily onto the inner box. The whole process is smoothly and quickly completed.

Technical Parameters
Case size (minimum) 100x80x15 mm
Case size (maximum) 460x400x100 mm
Production speed 20~40 pcs/minute
Power 1.1 kW/380 V
Size of machine L1100xW1100xH2350 mm
Weight of machine 600 kg

1. Our rigid box forming machine is provided with safety protection device.
2. It uses electromagnetic brake, which works in combination with clutch.
3. It adopts variable frequency speed regulation.

XINWEI MACHINERY is an experienced rigid box forming machine manufacturer based in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including rigid box pressing machine, semi automatic paper gluing machine, automatic book cover case making machine, and more.

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