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High Speed Automatic Book Case Making Machine

By improving the laminating, corner cutting, side wrapping and pressing processes, the latest QFA-460A/600A high speed automatic book case making machine can efficiently produce various types of quality hardcover book case, file folder, calendar, diary, album, top grade packaging box, etc.

The automatic book case making machine comes with an automatic paper feeder that adopts push back paper feeding structure. The feeder is controlled pneumatically and is simple in structure. The scratch problem is solved by using suction cup manipulator which sends the products to vacuum conveyer belt. Beneath the belt, a high power draught fan is used to ensure the stability of feeding process. In addition, imported ultrasonic double sheet detection device ensures only one sheet is fed each time. The use of a precise photoelectric control device for the paper positioning system results in the paper and cardboard being precisely positioned.

Technical Parameters
Length of paper190-830 mm230-1030 mm
Width of paper140-480 mm160-600 mm
Thickness of paper80-200 g100-300 g
Thickness of cardboard1-3 mm1-3 mm
Min. width of spine8 mm10 mm
Working speed30 sheets/min.25 sheets/min.
DimensionL7000XW2100XH1260 mmL8900XW2250XH1450 mm
Power 22 kW24 kW
Weight3000 kg4000 kg

1. The book case making machine is energy efficient and is simple to operate and maintain.
2. The width between stacking and feeding platforms is adjusted concentrically in the center.
3. The gluing part uses newly designed copper scraper, which can protect paper from winding.
4. The machine adopts Omron PLC control. Faults are displayed on the touch screen directly for convenient debugging.

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